Saturday, November 14, 2015

November 2015 - Reception Night!

Reception Night is a time that all the artists come together and meet and greet the public.  It’s really a night for merchandizing our artwork to the local and tourists who have come to learn about us and get to know us better.  Those artists who came (and I know some of us can’t come) to the reception also give other artists a chance to know them better so they can sell their artwork better too.  It’s a win, win.

Tonight was such fun with Ingrid, Sarah and Mark…such an amazing selection of artwork to choose from for all of our customers. The Gallery looked great.   And we had a great turnout for the first reception of the Fall where it was dark!  And lots of new faces and first timers to the Gallery!!  It always amazes me that after 13 years we still get people who are visiting for the first time.

Featured Artist Sarah DeLong
Featured Artist Ingrid Brink

Guest Artist Mark Allen

We had such an array of wonderful goodies to nibble on throughout the evening—Sarah brought tons of cookies and chocolate goodies, Mark and Ingrid brought savory dishes.   As you can see from the photos, we had so many wonderful choices…our artists brought so many gourmet delights and veggies and a wonderful finger foods.  We received so many compliments from so many visitors to the gallery.  Thank you all for putting on such an amazing spread!!  


And thank you so much to all the sweet souls who came to help us set up and take down, and worked at making sales through out the evening—Karen Peterson, Joe Aleman & Mary Lou  and Linda Loebs who worked the day!  Special thanks to Greg for manning the Sales Desk, Gregory and his amazing Punch, Don, Jack & Gay, Linda Bench, Tracy Taylor, Carol Astaire, Angeline, and Beth who manned the Food Table tonight and helped clean up.  Thanks to Mike and his amazing music, Alice, Mark & Galen, Helia & Luna, Ingrid & Jan, Karen, George, Susan, Sarah, Lois & Chuck, Carlo & Betsy, Linda Hill, Hope,  and so many other helping hands that helped make the reception a success!  ...Thank you one and all.  It was such a great evening.