Sunday, February 14, 2016

February Reception Night & Art Walk

Tonight we had so many people attending the Opening Reception for Gary Fair and Jillian Parks.  Wow!  It was amazing. So many folks came in support of all the artists…lots of locals from Morro Bay and Los Osos and all around the Central Coast. We had such a super FUN night.  We had lots of tourists as well coming into the gallery to participate in the evening’s event and come to the Central Coast to celebrate the 4-day weekend and Valentine’s Day—and walk throughout the Marina Square Complex for Art walk Friday.  Jillian had her whole family attend and it was so great meeting everyone.  Look how great big guy Gary looks!!

Featured Artist Gary Fair

Guest Artist Jillian Parks


We had such an array of wonderful goodies to nibble on throughout the evening.  Gary and Jillian brought some awesome finger foods and our customers loved every bite.  As you can see from the photos, we had so many wonderful choices…our artists brought so many gourmet delights and a wonderful finger food trays and chocolate goodies.  We received so many compliments from so many visitors to the gallery.  Thank you all for putting on such an amazing spread!!  Beth was away this evening so Karen stepped in and managed the Food Table for everyone and Sarah helped too.

   It was a beautiful night! Big THANK YOU'S to all who came!!