Saturday, April 9, 2016

April 2016 Reception Night & Art Walk


Featured Artist Marc Genet

Guest Artist Alison Salome

Tonight was our Opening Reception for Marc Genet and Alison Salome! Many folks came in support of all the artists…lots of locals. It was such fun catching up on what so many artists are doing. We had a good number of tourists as well coming into the gallery—and walking throughout the Marina Square Complex for Art walk Friday. Alison and Marc had good ads in the New Times and online too.


We had such an array of wonderful goodies to nibble on throughout the evening. Marc and Alison brought some awesome finger foods and our customers loved every bite. We had so many wonderful choices…our artists brought so many gourmet delights and a wonderful finger food trays and chocolate goodies, fruit and veggie platters, cookies, cheese and crackers…and so much more. We received so many compliments from so many visitors to the gallery. Thank you all for putting on such an amazing spread!!


Please welcome Duane and Theresa Laurabee to the Gallery. Duane is a painter in various media and paints wonderful landscapes both in the representational style and abstract style. Here is his wall in the upper Gallery. Theresa is his wife and will do some sitting for him. They live in Santa Ynez. Welcome aboard Duane and Theresa!

Below is also a picture of one of our new members, Ryan Carroll in front of his wall. Ryan really helped out at the reception tonight.


Special thank you’s to all the sweet souls who came to help us set up and take down, and worked at making sales through out the evening—Karen Peterson and Ryan Carroll who worked the day and helped get Duane set up too! Special thanks to Greg for manning the Sales Desk, Gregory and his amazing Punch, Beth who manned the Food Table tonight, Alice, Mike and his amazing music and singing, Melanie, Sarah, Spanky, Marjorie, Suzanne, Don, Susan Wood, Linda Bench, Joe Aleman and his friends, Marc and Alison, and so many other helping hands that helped make the reception a success! ...Thank you one and all. It was such a great evening. Here’s Mike singing one of his great songs!