Sunday, November 13, 2016

Reception Night and Art Walk Friday for November 2016

The evening was so beautiful tonight making it a perfect night to be walking on the waterfront—except that the Patio was closed and people couldn’t use the elevator. But all the stores were open and ready to welcome customers.  And we had a wonderful crowd of people coming through the Gallery and enjoying our food and meeting and talking with our artists who attended.  Lots of shops were open in support of Art Walk Friday.   We had lots of new faces show up to see Duane’s and Marks wonderful landscapes paintings and they both sold work.  

Featured Artist Duane Laurabee
Guest Artist Mark Allen

We had such an array of wonderful goodies to nibble on throughout the evening.  Duane and Mark brought some awesome finger foods and our customers and artists loved every bite.  We had so many wonderful choices…and we received so many compliments from so many visitors to the gallery.  Thank you both for putting on such an amazing spread!! Theresa had her mom attended and she made fabulous cookies too!!


Special thank you’s to all the sweet souls who came to help us set up and take down, and worked at making sales through out the evening—Ryan, Gregory and Sharon who worked the day and helped get the reception set up and carry up all the car loads of goodies!  Special thanks to Greg for manning the Sales Desk, Gregory and his amazing Punch, and Beth who manned the Food Table tonight. Special thanks to Duane & Theresa and her mom, Mark and Galen, Don, Karen, and Alice, Jari, Jo & Neal, Spanky, Sarah, Hope, Jari, Susan Wood, Linda Bench, Jerry de Wilde, Cathy Lischerelli, Jack & Gay, Suzanne, and so many other helping hands that helped make the reception a success!  Thank you one and all for supporting our Opening Reception for Mark and Duane.  It was such a great evening.  

Jeri de Ham

Karen Peterson, Linda Bench & Susan Wood

Cathy Lischerelli and Jerry de Wilde came in support of our Featured Artists tonight and it was so great having them meet so many of our long time members and get acquainted with everyone.  Cathy and Jerry have amazing work in the Gallery!

Kathy Lischerelli

Jerry de Wilde