Saturday, January 14, 2017


The evening was so beautiful and cold making it a perfect New Year night to be walking on the waterfront and enjoying all the activities going on. Many other stores were open and ready to welcome customers.  And we had a wonderful crowd of people coming through the Gallery in spite of the road closures around the county.  Lots of shops were open in support of Art Walk Friday and great music going on with Mike Swanberg signing and making great music.  We had lots of new faces show up to see Virginia's and Aris’s fabulous shows—both of them receiving great press in the local papers these last weeks.  And George drove all the way around to Hwy 101 and the Grade to support Aris and Virginia.  Thank you George!!

And we had such fun catching up with everyone and sharing.  It was very cold tonight and most of us kept our coats on to stay warm  

Virginia Mack (and Jean & Kathy Woodruff and more of Virginia’s fantastic friends), Aris, Rania and Anthony Zavitsanos really outdid themselves tonight with all the awesome finger foods and goodies that they served tonight. Our customers and artists loved every bite!! Fruit and cookies, chocolate brownies, tons of fantastic fudge & chocolate cookies and other goodies.  We had so many wonderful choices…and we received so many compliments from so many visitors to the gallery.  Thank you all for putting on such an amazing spread!! And of course, Beth got the table organized with Virginia and her crew putting out such a great spread.  Thank you all.


Special thank you’s to all the sweet souls who came to help us set up and take down, and worked at making sales through out the evening—Ryan and Linda Loebs who worked the day and helped get the reception set up.  Special thanks to Greg for manning the Sales Desk, Gregory and his amazing Punch, and Beth who manned the Food Table tonight. Special thanks to Virginia, Jean, Aris, Anthony & Rania Zavitsanos, Karen, George, Jo & Neal, Galen, Spanky, Sarah, Virginia, Hope, Kathy Woodruff,  our new artists Dottie Visker and Yael & Paul, Gay & Jack and so many other helping hands that helped make the reception a success!  Thank you one and all for supporting our Opening Reception for our wonderful artists.  It was such a great evening.  And we had such great music thanks to Mike!!