Saturday, February 11, 2017


With Hwy 41 now re-opened after a LONG month of closure, it has been so nice seeing cars and people coming into Morro Bay again!!  And we had some good sales for many of our artists this weekend.  Here is a link to see how Caltrans has been repairing Hwy 41…it’s incredible to see…

Yesterday was a holiday for a lot of folks and it was so cool that they came to the Central Coast to celebrate a Valentine’s Day weekend.  And next Monday is President’s Day holiday, so we get another 3-day weekend ahead as well.  We’re getting lots of great compliments for our Hope Myers and Ryan Carroll shows!!  And lots of people are buying small priced items from many artists….tons of greeting cards, folios, bookmarks, trivets, and magnets!  

Featured Artist Hope Myers

Guest Artist Ryan Carroll